Brett Kimberlin is a.... - Granite Grok

Brett Kimberlin is a….

Liberal nutcase or just a lefty who hates free speech? Or both?

At GraniteGrok lately, we’ve been talking a lot about Brett Kimberlin lately HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. He’s the guy over on the left, a convicted felon who now is out of prison and threatening various high-profile national bloggers. For a little background, see the short video about this character HERE.

He’s becoming better and better known, as he and his leftist-thug associates continue their dangerous stunts. Is he daaangerous? Why, yes Virginia. So dangerous that even the publishers of libertarian comics are piling on. Here, from Chris Muir, the political comedic genius who puts out the Day-by-Day cartoon series, is just HIS latest take on Kimberlin: