Yet More Fraudian Slips from the Fake Background of Our Composite President

You can't make this stuff up - Obama is perfectly good at inventing his own background, thankyou! (Image
What has this book to do with Obama? It had multiple authors, and the whole thing was a hoax!

A week or so ago, I noted that the odd perspective and lighting had led analysts to question the authenticity of the famous Obama-Osama situation room photograph. (Another Fraudian Slip from the Obama Administration?)
Little did I know that, like many politicians, Obama had been partial to a little creative resume enhancement: You don’t have to be a birther to think Obama was born in Kenya – when it suited him to seem more exotic in order to get an advance on his autobiography, Adventures in Black and White (Dreams from my Father), Obama was more than happy to claim Kenya as his birthplace!

First came with the revelation of Obama’s book bio The Vetting – Exclusive – Obama’s Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: ‘Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’, which of course was followed by denials, a quick mea-culpa from the literary agency, and attempts to bury the story by the MSM……… Not so easy – Faster than you could say Furious, Breitbart showed that the ahem, error, had been allowed to persist at his literary agents’s website until 2007, in fact, until about 2 weeks after he declared for president!
But wait, with these clowns, there’s always more – sure, you say, a minor error at a sleepy publisher’s website could easily go unnoticed for years, EXCEPT, (a) Obama is a Narcissist, and (b) Doug Ross time travelled via the Wayback Machine, and reported in his journal that Barack Obama’s biographical brief edited repeatedly over 17 years, but Kenyan birthplace changed just weeks after his presidential run announced. Ruh-Roh, Scooby, maybe Barry, sorry, Barack, was paying attention all along, or in Doug’s words:

“As I’ve demonstrated here, Obama’s bio was carefully edited over the course of 17 years to reflect his various accomplishments.
It was only a few months after his presidential candidacy was announced that his Kenyan “birthplace” became Hawaiian to confirm his eligibility for office. Obama remains a client to this day, which helps explain the literary agent’s willingness to instantly offer an explanation for the discrepancy.”

If, as Skip reminds us, ridicule is our most potent weapon, then Obama is making himself an easy target – by this time, the right-wing blogs had lit up with derisive laughter over the incident, and were gleefully piling on! (Moi, aussi? Mais oui, certainment!!)
I had already likened Obama’s fake background to that of the made-for-TV band, the Monkees, but now Mark Steyn weighed in on the fake roots of both BarryO and Cherokee Liz, seeing parallels with The Great Gatsby, and dubbing Obama “The Great Barry!”

A marked man? An easy TARGET? Will Obama be DOGGED by this Fraudian slipup?
Meanwhile, over at American Thinker, Clarice Feldman saw similarities with another great hoax – the infamous composite cult novel written by 24 journalists, Naked Came the Stranger, titling her column “How to Write Democrat Autobiographies (or Naked Came the Kenyan Cherokee“.
Will this little piece of history DOG Obama all the way to the election? We can but hope!