Veepstakes: Conservatives (Still) Prefer Palin

by Mike

Conservative HQ ran a series of Polls over the last few weeks asking the question: “If Mitt Romney Picked X for Veep, would your reaction be?…..”

Favorable:  “Would make me more likely to work and vote for the Republican ticket.”

Neutral: “Would not change my likelihood of working and voting for the Republican ticket.”

Unfavorable: “Would make me less likely to work and vote for the Republican ticket.”

Well, In the overall listing, Jim DeMint Edged Sarah Palin by 1%, 70% to 69% Favorable rating, closely followed by Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, and Paul Ryan (Remember, these were TEA Party conservatives voting). CHQ then pitted the top five head to head, and it wasn’t close!
Writing “MITT ROMNEY, CALL SARAH PALIN!“, Richard Viguerie reported that Palin had blown away the field with 45% of the votes, DeMint a distant second. Once again, it is clear who can energize the conservative base – Romney can take care of the moderates just fine by himself!   As Rush put it in 2008: “Sarah Palin: babies, guns, Jesus. Hot damn!” (And she still drives the Left crazy!)

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