The WikiWellian Memory Hole – How Inconvenient Truths are Flushed

by Mike

H/T Godfather Politics for this article, after an alert reader noticed that the Wiki Piece linking the New Obama campaign slogan “FORWARD” with a history of Socialism was suddenly marked for deletion! Apparently, The One is very sensitive about people getting the wrong idea concerning his shiny new slogan, and having its sordid history exposed. On April 30th, Washington Times, your humble Grokster, and “Godfather” Gary DeMar linked the Wikipedia article “Forward (generic name of socialist publications)”, and by May 1st, it was marked for deletion. (PDF saved here)

A Long Line of Socialists with a Penchant for Rewriting History

Hmmmm. Was it inaccurate? Libellous? No – it traced the enchantment of socialists throughout history with the notion of Progress, or Forward motion (because looking back at their achievements can be a disturbing exercise for socialists).
[UPDATE] WikiPedia has a nice definition of Memory Hole, which we’ve also saved as PDF, just in case…

In his novel, 1984, George Orwell warned us of the smothering effects of an all-powerful and overbearing government, which controlled all aspects of its subjects’ lives, even to the point of telling them what to think and rewriting history to ensure that the government’s track record was one of infallibility. The iconic figure of Big Brother, in the form of universal surveilance, made independent thought and action nearly impossible. So, will you follow Big Brother and the Truth Team FORWARD into the abyss, or will you heed Orwell’s warning? Hmmm…..

Our Founders warned that we have “A Republic, if you can keep it”, De Toqueville warned about soft despotism gradually overwhelming our freedoms, Orwell warned us about losing the freedom to think and say what we believe, and now, before your very eyes, an attempt is being made to rewrite history so that it will be harder for you to research the roots of Obama’s Socialist Slogan. So, are the editors at Wikipedia merely “Useful Idiots”, or are they tools of tyranny? We research, you decide. Wake up Sheeple! Let us not relive the horrors of 20th century socialism here in America!

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  • Obama is an American, and a former resident of New York City— so if he was thinking of any publications at all, he would have been thinking of New York City’s “Forward.”  In his day it would have been the “Jewish Daily Forward,” but it is no longer a daily. The “Forward” is a small newspaper which covered the local Jewish community: its political stance is not particularly far to the left.

    • Mr. Horrigan, the Wikipedia issue with partisans editing and deleting articles they don’t like is a very well known and old issue which is why Wikipedia is a poor resource for information.  This article is just pointing out one in a very long list of assaults on free speech from the self-proclaimed open-minded crowd.  As to Obama not knowing he is using an old socialist slogan I would not be surprised considering his last slogan had the acronym WTF,  They’re clearly are not putting much thought into it but that should come as no surprise considering this administration’s record of bumbling.

      By the way, what Republicans are you wishing dead today?

    •  Timothy,

      To be fair, you make a good point that the most obvious publication with the name “Forward” was right under Barry’s nose at Columbia, but I figure him as a much more dyed-in-the-wool Marxist than that.
      Based on his choice of slogan, I can’t tell for sure whether:
      He cannot stand to look backward at his record.
      “Progressive” is getting a bit tired – time to reach for a different synonym, and he thinks no-one will notice.
      He knows exactly what he is doing, just like when Hillary called herself an early 20th century progressive, and he’s being typically blatant about it – a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, if you will.

  • The wikipedia article was an obscure one which jumped from on the order of a dozen hits a day to tens of thousands per day.  It covered less than ten old and relatively little-known newspapers, only one of which was published in the USA. The only publication named “Forward” which anyone still living could have read is a small weekly which covers New York’s Jewish community, which was a daily newspaper (published in Yiddish & English) until the early 1980s.  Obama probably would have been familiar with that “Forward” if he was a regular listener to news/talk radio when he lived in NYC: the weekly English edition used to advertise heavily on WINS 1010, WCBS, etc. in the hope of inducing suburban Jews to get the publication in the mail.  

    Any wikipedia member can mark any article for deletion.  The deletion happens only after extensive discussion.  I doubt that this one will be deleted.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Barry Soetoro’s NH appallogist frantically types alternative interpretations to mislead morons to the Land of Dopes and the Deranged.  When reading Timmy’s highly implausible exhortations, always think: Ockham’s razor, and how Timmy desperately tries to shave the truth to curry favor with his insect overlords.
      – C. dog balances on the knife’s edge

      • Someone who hides behind a pseudonym just called me “Timmy” which of course severely discredits what I said.  Nevertheless, even though I have been called “Timmy,” I stand by my words.

        • C. dog e. doG

          Really, Timmy, really? You provide all the discredit necessary to debunk “your” “theories”. And I don’t enjoy anal probings and inspections by the Grate State and her eunuch henchoids, hence the nominal secrecy of my lair.
          – C. dog dispatches Timmy with panache!

          • SisterToldYa

            Seeing as how I have been banned by Steve “ad hominem for me but not for thee” Vaillancourt,I will break out my pom-poms near the bunker and cheer for Team C. dog!

          • C. dog e. doG

            I’m sorry for your banishment, but hope to see you participate in full-contact nude volleyball here.  I can’t vouch that you will be welcome here by all, but at least you will be tolerated.  They’ve put up with me so far.
            – C. dog

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