The ongoing Exposure of Brett Kimberlin: Stacy McCain and Michelle Malkin - Granite Grok

The ongoing Exposure of Brett Kimberlin: Stacy McCain and Michelle Malkin

Brett Kimberlin’s Heiress Aunt Helping Fund His Tax-Exempt Harassment
Posted on | May 27, 2012

Convicted felon Brett Kimberlin is the nephew of a wealthy Maryland woman who has contributed to a foundation that helped fund a 501(c)3 organization of which Kimberlin is the director. Kimberlin’s activities have recently attracted widespread attention because of his attempts to intimidate and harass bloggers who wrote about his criminal history.

Harriet Crosby, 66, reportedly an heiress to the General Mills fortune, was one of the original donors to the Threshold Foundation, which contributed $20,000 to Kimberlin’s Justice Through Music Project in 2008, according to database research I reported May 19.

The Threshold Foundation was started by a group of wealthy devotees of environmentalism and trancendental meditation. The foundation’s “very liberal” view, researcher Ron Arnold has written, “saw American society as rife with injustice and in need of radical transformation.” Threshold has been affiliated with the Tides Foundation, linked to left-wing billionaire George Soros.

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Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin has a Post-BlogBurst To-Do List keeping up the pressure on Kimberlin and his cohorts, one of whom is corresponding with our Associate AG, Richard Head!