So what did Union Leader’s Ted Seifer wish to accomplish with this line?

by Skip

Filling a vacancy on any Supreme Court–be it the US Supremes or the NH Supremes–is a big deal, so it is no surprise that people are talking and reporting on it (as we have here, here, and here).  So did the Union Leader;  Ted Seifer interviewed Tim, asking him about the NHLRF‘s position on Gov. John Lynch’s nominee for the NH Supreme Court, Jim Basssett.   Having gotten the link from a friend I decided to read the piece and this caught my eye:

Condon, its current chairman, is a Grafton attorney who has been active in the Free State movement.

Factually true, but what does the Free State Project connection have to do with the NH Constitutional basis that forms the basis for the NHLRF activities?

I also note that the Seifer opened the piece by calling the group “A conservative group linked to House Speaker William O’Brien,” as well as the line “with several other Republican and libertarian-minded leaders and legislators”.

Heh! – the only hot button “partisan” group not mentioned was the TEA Party.

Now, the only folks that have been mentioning the Free State Project lately are the desperate Dems here in NH, and they’ve been trying to use that group as their newest whipping boy.  They are using FSP as a scare tactic – “The FSP wants to kill off government” (well, to Progressives, that’s as bad a heresy as what the HHS health insurance mandate is to Catholic and Evangelical theology).  So why would Seifer mention it – unless the intent was in putting up a target along with “Republican,” “conservative,” and “libertarian?”

Or, given the intent of the group – to protect the values of the US and NH Constitution as originally founded, is Seifer using the Sherlock method (“the dogs aren’t barking”) and intimating that Democrats are either “constitutionally” (pun intended) unable or won’t?

We’ll leave that lying dog alone…right, Ray?

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