Obama’s Looking a Little Dog-Eared: Another Fraudian Slip?

by Mike

There's something wrong with this picture - back too wide, head too small, and that's just the beginning.

Mara Zebest at American Thinker Deconstructs another piece of "Axop's Fables"

American Thinker, which deconstructed Obama well ahead of the curve, and long before Dinesh DeSouza (example here), is now busily deconstructing the fraudulent images of his presidency, if indeed it IS his presidency. Mara Zebest is a Photoshop expert, author of several books on the topic, and has been observing some odd features of official White House images – not just the birth certificate. We discussed her work on the other situation room photo a couple of weeks ago.

I passed a few photo examples around some expert photoshop friends last night, and they tend to agree with Mara’s diagnosis. One of them had even taken the trouble to reverse photoshop the PDF birth certificate before it was recently replaced with a flattened version, and confirms that there were several layers and numerous flaws.

GraniteGrok Photoshop: "Captain of the Starship Moral Enterprise" This obvious fake has less flaws than official photos!

I am not sure if Obama’s staff are rank amateurs like him or whether it would be more appropriate to imagine an exchange like this:

Aide: Sir, you can’t be MIA through such important events, we’ll need photos of you engaged in the process.
O: Well, Photoshop me in then.
Aide: Would you mind posing for a couple of shots so we can get the light right?
O: Why? You have a gazillion photos of me – just pick one!
Aide: Yes, Sir! (Thinking…. Something that will fool an amateur, but not a professional. Yes we Can!)
Read Mara’s article: The Illusion of Obama’s Bin Laden Raid Situation Room Leadership

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