I agree with Glenn about Facebook

On a post concerning the platform that has just created 6 new Billionaires and about a 1,000 new Millionaires, Facebook, I agree with

Sidebar: I dryly note that Zuckerberg comes from the same learned institution as the 1/32 Indian / recipe plaigerizer / Scott Brown wannbe  Elizabeth Warren.  I’m wondering what she thinks about all this new wealth that has been generated – or does she already believe it is her’s to tax and spend?

Glenn Reynolds concerning what he wrote about Facebook:

Facebook has two main problems: (1) People don’t trust them on privacy; and (2) Each successive “improvement” in the platform seems to make it worse.

Yeah, I tend to agree.  I’ve found that since the Timeline has been put into effect, I just don’t care for the interface at all.  Sure, software needs to evolve, and the empirical data says that with up to 900 million new users (growing rapidly), people do like it.  But I keep looking at it, and it has gone from a fairly easy interface to use and understand to one that is getting more cluttered and more complex.  Frankly, I do miss having the discussions and arguments, but I have too many things on my plate to spend more time on something that I don’t like.  If they would allow folks to “stay” at a given level, they might see an increase of usage by folks thinking like me.