Gay Justice

by Steve MacDonald

Homosexuals filing lawsuits against businesses that do not wish to cater to them, Wedding photographers and Dating Services come immediately to mind, are now legend.  But is turnabout fair play?

Gay bars are banning Bachelorette parties.

Looks like owners of gay bars are uncomfortable hosting parties of heterosexual bachelorette’s and their randy little penis paraphernalia parties, and have begun turning away the business.

Now I could care less.  I think private business owners should be allowed to define the nature of the custom they engage in.  And when there is a clear issue of religious conscience (as in both the photographer and eHarmony examples above), they should not be forced into court or frog marched in front of Human Rights commissions to justify their religious objections when there are scores of similar businesses more than capable of providing the exact same service.

But isn’t this a bit hypocritical?  How is it that gays can sue business owners to force them to accept their lifestyle choices (to the general approval of the so-called victim class claiming victory when a Christian group is forced to accept whatever the Gay activists want) and then turn around and have Gay business owners deny access to their businesses because they object to the heterosexual lifestyle?


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