Data Point – Because “Obama isn’t working”, lots of Americans are not

by Skip

Civilian Labor Force Participation-May, 2012(H/T: Business Insider)

Net jobs, monthly(H/T: CNN)

NOTE: the economy has to grow by 250,000 to 300,00 jobs / month  just to stay even with population growth.

“Obama – isn’t working”


Obama’s Administration has not put the right policies for the economy to achieve that – nor does it seem interested in doing that either.

  • Unemployment rate – April – 8.1%
  • 39 months:  unemployment rate above 8%
  • The labor-participation rate: 63.6% (a 30-year low)

(H/T: The Corner)


  • Contrast with the Reagan recover: then, the economy added a population-adjusted 480,000 jobs.
  • The average (mean) duration of unemployment is 39.1 weeks, a record high. By comparison, the average duration was 19.9 weeks in January 2009.
  • there are still 325,000 less people in raw numbers that hold jobs than there were at the time of his inauguration
  • there are almost 8 million more people not in the labor force relative to January 2009 (88,419,000 total)

“Obama – isn’t working”

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