Obama's latest budget voted down 99-0The smartest man in any room can’t seem to put his name on a budget anyone will vote for.  This years nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue is worse than the last–it even has the distinction of being discarded with more no votes than last years budget nighmare.  99-0.

The Senate torpedoed his last budget 97-0 in May 2011, then the House dropped a goose egg on him in March with a robust 414-0tally. Now this.


With the Democrat run Executive branch incapable of writing a budget that other Democrats will dare vote for, you might think the “serious” chamber in our Legislature, that August body known as the US Senate, would have ridden to the rescue.  But writing a budget is far too much responsibility (or is that accountability), besides, debt ceiling (Republicans want to shut down the government) programming plays so much better on State run Media than taking a position on the debt and spending problem, in the midst of the worst recession in history™.

…word on Twitter is that Democrats voted unanimously against Paul Ryan’s, Rand Paul’s, Mike Lee’s and Pat Toomey’s budget proposals too. On the most momentous domestic issue of our time — fiscal sustainability — they’ve checked out.

Anyone have some Jeanne Shaheen fiscal accountability and irresponsible-debt rhetoric handy from 2008?  Now would be a nice time to roll that out.  Over 1100+ days (so far) without a budget from the Democrat controlled US Senate and almost doubling that irresponsible national debt, and all under the watchful eye of $enator $haheeeeen.   Those 2014 campaign ads just write themselves.

Makes you wonder how many Democrat US Senators are considering voting Republican this November.  It might be the only chance some of them have at getting re-elected.


H/T Hot air.

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