We Just Need A Tax Structure That Would Allow it To Be Accessed For Government Use

by Steve MacDonald

I was doing my promised duty to screen scrape the million or so (hyperbole) comments by Gaia from the Concord Monitor Web site –who, by the way, seems almost reasonable for a Democrat–when I came across this.

By Gaia– 04/14/2011 – 9:30 am

Some of us are broke. There’s still plenty of cash in the state, if only there were a tax structure that would allow it to be accessed for govt. use.

..if only there were a tax structure that would allow it (the money) to be accessed by the government.

Do you, dear readers, understand that this is how Progressives think?  It is not your money.  You may have gone out to get the job, or started a business to create a lifestyle, came to an agreement about compensation for your work, and then performed the duties exchanging time and labor for some amount of remuneration, but at the end of the day, the only thing Democrats care about is finding ways to access your wealth.

And the most important part of this admission is that while they want you to think they mean rich peoples money and not your money, that is a bold faced lie.  There is nothing in the entire manifold of Left wing policy that encourages or facilitates the continued creation of the kind of wealth needed to sustain the kind of government they insist that you need, and no number of rich people willing or able to finance it for any duration.  Certainly not rich liberals.

So it is only a matter of time until they run out of other peoples money and need an “updated tax structure” that would allow your cash to be accessed for government use.

There is no end until the end, when the very same spending policies that they claimed would protect the most vulnerable, save pensions, and salvage the jobs of teachers, policeman and firefighters, require them to cut any or all of the above loose with nothing because they have run out of everyone’s money.

We are then forced to assume that the goal of left wing fiscal policy is mob induced anarchy when a majority of impoverished citizens rise up in rebellion against their keepers, because that is where this leads.

Gaia, by the way, is a state employee whose posting habits put Dick de Seve to shame, stopped posting on April 17th, not long after we announced our investigation into their blatant theft of services on the taxpayer dime.   A habit we suspect could not so easily be given up.

We are suitably suspicious,  and are on the lookout for new accounts with similar signature habits or potions.   We also believe we’ve narrowed the list of names (of state employees who might be Gaia) to five.

We encourage all of you to look as well, and report anything you may suspect to GrokWatch@granitegrok.com.  And if you just happen to know who Gaia is, by all means, please share.  The taxpayers will thank you.

Note: The 1200 or so long Concord Monitor comment history of Public Employee Gaia will be available for crowd-sourcing sometime this week. 

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