Skip Murphy, the Free State Project, and President Obama. Well damn….

by Tim Condon

Skip Murphy just asked me this: “Well, it seems that Obama is coming out swinging against the Supremes. Blogosphere is all atwitter about it. Mr. Lawyer, Tim – what’s your take on his baiting the Supremes to declare it unconsitutional?”

Dammit. I foolishly rose to the bait. Here’s what I said in response:

The man is a tyrant. He’s trying to model himself after FDR, who tried to have his way with the Supreme Court with his court-packing scheme. The Supremes came around and became pliant after that threat; thence we began our long journey toward dismissing the Constitution almost entirely. But that’s not enough for Obama. He wants to make it an absolutely dead letter, so that it cannot be construed at any time to limit in any way the absolute power of the federal government in the United States. I would say that he is a megalomaniac, but I don’t believe he’s smart or aware enough for that. His Presidency is an absolute disaster, and he continues compounding the mistakes, missteps, and foolish malapropisms. He is a former “constitutional law professor” who doesn’t know about or understand the Constitution, much less the ruling in Marbury v. Madison. The fact that he isn’t down in the polls in the neighborhood of 75% to 25% signals to me that America is in deep, deep trouble. We’ve crossed the line with a sufficient percentage of our population being both ignorant and uneducated, and thus dependent upon government. That makes New Hampshire far, far more important as the beneficent choice of the Free State Project. We must all hang together, or Obama will hang us one by one. And by “we” I mean every single American believer in individual liberty, small government, federalism, the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, capitalism, freedom, Western Civilization, the Judeo-Christian ethic, and inalienable rights who remains in North America. We must all assemble in New Hampshire while the rest of the United States slides inevitably downhill into collectivism and despotism.

There. That’s what I think.

I wish you wouldn’t ask me questions like that. It sets me off….

So Skip says “That’s great! Post it!”

I say “No…I don’t want to; it’s kind of an intemperate outburst.”

Skip says: “I didn’t think so — I thought it was grand!”


Oh…what the hell. It’s true, after all, and that’s really the worst thing about it….

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