Opportunism Knocks

by Rick Olson

“Criminals obey “gun control” laws in the same manner politicians follow their oaths of office.” – Anonymous

As we ramp up for the onset of the Political season, there are no shortage of the endless examples of those seeking public office working feverishly to define themselves to curry votes with core constituencies. This aspect is never more stark than with gun groups, a favorite target of Republicans and conservatives.

As I roll through my Facebook account, politicians trolling for favor are never more obvious anywhere than to Gun people. Those of us in the Second Amendment Advocacy column truly appreciate the positions taken. We can remain confident that those running for office are on our side. And we do appreciate it. 

However, with that said, some will risk taking a position that does not effectively reflect how he or she personally relates to the second amendment. I have seen this frequently. A candidate running for office who holds him or herself out, to be aligned on the issue more than reality shows, simply is not being honest. We later find this out when a controversial firearms bill hits the floor and that same politician keeps a low profile and adopts an action which her or she deems as the most politically expedient…often times, the wrong vote.  A classic example of this is Representatives Marshall “Lee”  and Matthew Quandt, the supposed voices of, “moderation.” This father and son team will enthusiastically show up at Friends of the NRA Banquets, hats in hand often times garnering a favorable rating from the NRA. But when they vote, they vote otherwise.

But there are others who are worse. Those are the ones who talk the talk yet don’t own a single firearm… and one I know personally has never ever fired a gun!  (note, this author has offered on three different occasions to take that person to the range and never once has the offer been accepted).

Look, Political ones….we are glad you support our rights to keep and bear arms….But stop all this nonsense of trying to get us to love you…because we don’t.  To hold yourselves out as something your not is purely dishonest. Don’t talk like gun folks if your not. You only end up looking like a schmuck. If you don’t know the difference between a semi-auto and a revolver, even the most dullard of gun people will pick up on that in about half a heartbeat.

Had a politician engage me in a discussion about headspaces and chamber pressures.  I knew within the first fifteen seconds of the discussion that perhaps he had scanned a magazine article somwhere and was out of his element…When I responded that headspace problems can often be solved by proper trimming of the case mouth…he looked at me like I had two heads….didn’t know what a “Go”, No-Go Gauge was…

Thanks for the support….but stick to what you know and stop being a poser.


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  • We have had a spate of fatal shootings in NH lately, but only one of them involved a career criminal.  And even the Greenland killer Cullen Mutrie turned to the legal gun market: he sent his friend Brittany Tibbetts (who had no criminal record) to buy one or more guns on his behalf.

  • Skip

    Once again, Timothy can’t stick to the topic.  OK, I’ll go there – Timothy, what’s your remedy?


  • mer

    So Timmy has evidence that Brittany Tibbetts was involved in a straw purchase?  Does it not occur to Timmy that Brittany broke the law if she then sold the guns to Cullen? 
    Proof once again that “gun control” only affects law abiding individuals.

    Timmy’s remedy is for everyone to carry a LEO in their back pocket, one that is sworn to protect life and limb and to take a bullet for a person if need be.  That way “there’s a cop around when you need one”.  That’s not it?  What then, Ca/Ma/NJ style gun laws?  What’s the per-capita gun death rate comparison between the states (i’ll even let you keep the gang-bangers in)?

  • I recognize that I have been called “Timmy” which of course discredits my whole argument. 

    Even though I have been called “Timmy,” I will stay say this: there was a strategic leak by the police to the media, to the effect that one of the guns seized after the Greenland killings has been linked to Brittany Tibbetts, who purchased it at a gun show.  The cops are explicitly saying that there is evidence of a straw purchase.    It does seems odd that Mutrie, who as a criminal had access to that legendary secret underground criminals’ gun market, would use a gun purchased from a above-ground gun show.

    There have in any case been a number of other shooting deaths in NH  involving gunmen who weren’t criminals and hence could only buy guns through regular channels.

    • Skip

       Timothy – the post had NOTHING to do with the Greenland case.  Get back to the topic that Rick had – of politicians pandering for Second Amendment votes. 


  • I do admit that Cullen Mutrie was neither well-regulated nor a militia.  So the Second Amendment doesn’t directky apply to the Greenland shootings.

  • Anonymous

    I warned you, Timothy – you lose.

    • Anonymous

      The other day Iw as walking down Elm Street and I saw this woman with a purple poodle…a purple poodle, I tell ya! And she had a yellow umbrella! And she was sipping from a pink sippy  cup! And that is the reason why we need to take a good hard look at gun laws surrounding gun show buying….

      (Wonders if Timmuh gets the point)

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