New Hampshire Bureaucrats Behaving Badly? Introducing GrokWatch

No one respects found money, and there is nothing more abundantly “found” in its appearance than the millions and billions bilked from taxpayers every year to “run state and local government.”

In the midst of that relationship, between producers and their wallets, are the hordes of bureaucrats, too many of whom are taking advantage of every opportunity to justify their existence while wasting millions of taxpayer dollars in the process.  You know who you are and we know there is at least one other person in New Hampshire who knows as well, and wishes you’d stop it.

So we’re introducing GrokWatch.  Our goal?   To identify and investigate cases of New Hampshire Bureaucrats Behaving Badly and then announce awards of shame for the worst cases…but we need your help.

There are a thousandof stories  (of bureaucratic Corruption) in the naked city, and most of the major media in the state have no interest in them.  In some cases they’d rather they not get reported at all.   But at GraniteGrok we are prepared to collect,  investigate, and report on your submissions about abuses of the taxpayers trust.

Any malfeasance is grist for the mill, be it by state or local government employees or the people, companies, or organizations that aid an abet them.  Theft of time or services, misuse of state property or equipment, misuse or abuse of internet access, state employees who sneak home for two hour lunches or take naps in their state vehicles, workplace intimidation by union reps or stewards, gross inefficiencies in the system that get reported yet go ignored, questionable bidding or contracting practices, State university professors who politic or propagandize in the classroom,  even cases of potential embezzlement, be they at the town, county or state level–we want to hear about it at

Email your evidence, whatever it may be, including video, audio, pictures, links to blog posts or comment streams, whatever you have,  to

There is no limit to the number of cases of apparent abuse of taxpayers trust, money, or time that you can report.  And we will peruse any legitimate information regardless of political affiliation as time permits.

And to start things off, if you report an incident between now and September first, and you submission turns out to be New Hampshire’s biggest “Bureaucrat Behaving Badly,” we’re prepared to offer you or someone you delegate, four tickets to a Fischer Cats home game sometime in September.  (Exact date has not yet been confirmed.)

So get to it.

We know there are thousands of good upstanding local and state workers, and thousands more who are either taking advantage, or intentionally abusing their positions or privileges for personal or professional gain at our mutual expense, and we’re fed up with the latter making the former look bad.  These people are wasting millions annually, that could be put to better use.