GrokTV Special Event: Granite State Patriot Liberty PAC TEA Party – Jack Kimball, Chair

by Skip

Granite State Patriot Liberty PAC logoJack is BACK! was the name of the rally.  Jack Kimball, founder of the original Granite State Patriot group, has returned to the Chairmanship of the following on organization, GSPLPAC.  Message?  You ask if he had a message?

Of course he did!


His answer to the question: where is the TEA Party?

Hi Patriots,

We are watching the systematic dismantling of our great Republic right before our eyes.  Barak Obama is continuing with his mission to “fundamentally change” America into a European Socialist style country.   This man firmly believes in the Welfare State which is why there are over 47 million people currently on food stamps and why he orchestrated the passing of Obamacare against the will of the people.  He believes that Big Government has all the answers.  He has been running our government using self-appointed Czars who work outside of our elected officials; and he has no problem circumventing Congress with the use of Executive orders, should Congress not agree with him.  He is aware that in order to succeed with his plan he must bring the USA to its knees.  Thus, we have an unsustainable deficit of over 16 trillion dollars and counting, add to that an additional 40,000 new oppressive regulations that will destroy businesses as well as many individuals.  His attack of business is unprecedented.  He attacks the job creators and rewards failure with his numerous bailouts.  He has also been at the forefront of creating class warfare in our Country.  He knows that a country divided cannot survive, and he is making every effort to insure that the divisiveness continues to grow.  As proof, one only needs to look at his support of OWS and their 99% vs. 1% mentality.

Obama also believes that the USA is too strong.  Thus, he is gutting our Military with huge cuts in the Pentagon budget.  He is also planning to cut our nuclear arsenal by 80% on a unilateral basis.  All this, at a time when the world has become a much more dangerous place.  If anything, we need to strengthen our Military and do it quickly.

Lastly, Obama continues to apologize for America and, all too often, we find him turning his back on our friends.  Clearly, America’s image has been greatly damaged by him.

Well, it’s time to do something about this scourge.  In the last several months I have been asked countless times, “Where is the Tea Party;” and my response has been, “We are here, and we are directly involved with taking back our Republic.”  Some of us ran for Local, State, or Federal office, and many of those folks got elected.  Others decided to actively support those candidates by becoming their foot soldiers, and still others got onboard some of the Presidential campaigns.  That’s what we have been doing.

Now it’s time to get back out and become visible.  Now it’s time to let our State and Country know that we are a force to be reckoned with and that we intend to lead the way in taking back our great Republic.  We are the Patriots of our time and we will not be the generation to lose what those who came before us have fought to preserve.  No sir, we intend to FIGHT!  I am asking you to join me in that fight.  We need thousands of Patriots right now.  You can begin this journey by signing up at the Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC website.  Go to    We need “all hands on deck” for this one.

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