A would-be dictator

by Tim Condon

He doesn't like you donating money to the Romney campaign....

I swear. We’ve got a Presidency that is descending into a parody of a South American caudillo bidding for permanent power. Obama has put into operation a “public enemies list” where the President attacks wealthy donors to the Romney campaign. It serves to intimidate those people from donating any more, and it warns others who might otherwise consider donating to Romney…if they give money they may get put on the President’s “public enemies list.” According to Kimberley Strassel in today’s Wall Street Journal, the public enemies list…

…appeared online last week on an Obama campaign website entitled “Behind the curtain: A brief history of Romney’s donors.” You can see it HERE.

When it was revealed that President Richard Nixon had an “enemies list” in 1974,  the political class went ballistic, claiming that Nixon was bidding to become a dictator. He wasn’t. But Obama is. And now the political class is shrugging. Why would that be?

The political atmosphere that exists in America today is very strange and unsettling. We have a person in the White House who would like to become a dictator. And the Democrat Party supports him.

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