Ovide LaMontagne at the Rye Republicans, March 10th, Talks Candidacy and Education (CACR12)

NH Gubernatorial candidate, Ovide LaMontagne, spoke to the Rye Republicans this morning on his candidacy. Topics covered included Ovide’s background, the NH constitution and education, the claremont decisions, and CACR12.

In particular, Ovide spoke about the historical relationship between the state and town governments under the NH constitution, the damage done by Claremont, and how CACR12 would restore the “status quo ante”. He believes that it is important to first get the courts out of education, and then seek an expansion of self governance for the towns. Ovide explains much better than I can – well worth a listen. Here’s the introduction/background:

Next, Ovide covers the constitutional background, Claremont, and available remedies:

Finally, Q+A on the ramifications of CACR12, and why it’s the right first step, even though he’d use different language if he had the opportunity to shape it: