Nullify Now! – Philadelphia The ‘Grok is there!

by Skip

Nullify Now! - Philly

Updated and Bumped: Mike just called in and he will be on, live, with Mark and Joshua starting at 12:05 am EDT.

Update II – if you were waiting to listen to Mike, well, live radio happens: he’ll be on after 1pm


Grokster Mike is in the City of Brotherly Love for the next stop in the Nullify Now! tour – education concerning the 10th Amendment as well as how we have forgotten that “the various States” are not mere political subdivisions of the Federal Government.  Rather, we have forgotten that it is the sovereign States that created the Federal Government, and that the latter has only specifically enumerated Powers and that all other Powers and Responsibilities are still the purview of those States.

He called up early this morning and thought that folks back here in NH would be interested in “hearing a peek”. Speakers include Sheriff Mack and Tom Woods.

Mike also met up with The Forgotten Men (“The radio show by the average citizen, for the average citizen,”)- a conservative radio show by Mark Kreslins and Joshua Lyons on 930 AM WFMD.  Even though their normal broadcast times are 12 – 2pm on Saturdays, they are covering today’s events.

You can listen live here:               The Forgotten Men radio show

Other part of the Update: also, there is an updated trailer for the new movie, Nullification: The Rightful Remedy:

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