Yahoo! Doodlings Re: SC Voter ID Law Flap

by Mike

This article on Yahoo! got me going, and I typed quite a few comments – summarised here:

After the Civil War, the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments ensured that the rights enshrined in our constitution applied equally to all, and that they could not be usurped by the states.

In an overreaction to the Jim Crow laws, the Federal government has permanently inserted itself into the internal affairs of many Southern states, and sees injustice where there is none, conflating sensible precautions with discrimination. How can it be discrimination to require ID for voting, when ID is required for banking, travel, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (that famous convenience store), and much more?

Since the CBC and NAA(L)CP indulge in race-baiting and racial stereotypes, mostly calling their own people too stupid to get an ID, let me put the stereotypical boot on the other foot: Since Blacks disproportionately smoke and drink, they ought to have a higher rate of photo IDs per capita than similarly poor Whites, indeed, these days, it is more likely to be radical whites who resent government that try to live “off the grid” and avoid things like government ID.

Should the NAA(L)CP sue banks and airlines for requiring ID? What about liquor stores? Surely requiring ID for anyone who “looks young” to purchase smokes and drinks discriminates against groups who may not have ID: Should we let 15 year olds buy cigarettes, whiskey, and wild wild women, in order to avoid accidentally discouraging an 18 year old black kid? What about Asians “who all look so young” (sorry for stereotype).

OK, so some don’t like it. But tell me, folks – are not the “usual suspects” insulting their own people when they say “my people will be disenfranchised because it is too hard for them to get photo ID”? Even when most state photo ID laws also include provisions to make it easy for the poor to get ID. C’Mon folks, do you need Jesse and Al, ‘The Justice Brothers’ to call you dumb and “represent” you, or will you stand up and be counted by making darned sure you have ID, and the bad guys can’t cheat?

One more thing – does nobody ever consider that voter fraud disenfranchises Democrats and colored people, too? Since the Democrats and the Race Hucksters all accuse the GOP of cheating, wouldn’t they want precautions that guarantee votes cannot be stolen, or at least not easily?

Are the Democrats happy that Tim Scott (black conservative) got elected easily and is very popular? Of course not – it has to be a white plot of some kind. It would be unthinkable for them to accept that many black people and a lot of white people actually like him for being a smart, hard-working, self-made conservative, who they trust to represent them in DC and limit Federal intrusion into their lives.

I work with people of all colors and backgrounds, and I judge people only by the content of their character. I consider Herman Cain to be a friend, I support Tim Scott(R-SC) because he is a smart young conservative, and I do not support James Clyburn(D-SC) because he is a foolish old socialist. I support Marco Rubio(R-FL) because he is also a smart young conservative, and I did not support Charlie Crist(I-FL) because he had no core convictions. Like I said, “the content of their character”…. MLK would understand.

** That “(L)” means “National Association for the Advancement of (Liberal) Colored People” – we hold it to be self-evident that they don’t care too much for the conservative ones.

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