To Boldy Go Where No Candidate Has Gone Before: Captain of the Starship Moral Enterprise

by Mike

At the Huckabee Republican Presidential Candidate forum held on December 3, 2011, Rick Santorum was the last to give a concluding comment. He refuses to separate the moral issues from all of the other issues. He knows they are foundational to America, which he calls a moral enterprise:

“Everyone says we need a truce on social issues that we need to focus on jobs and the economy.  But what is at the heart of this country is that America is a moral enterprise and we are sick at the heart of our country – when we see millions of children being aborted and marriage not being defended.  A truce is not a truce, it is surrender.  I will not surrender; I will fight and defend America.”

Whenever he says that, I get an unshakeable image of Captain Santorum on the bridge of the Moral Enterprise, determined to turn it around from certain disaster. With the establishment trying to talk up “Mittens” as inevitable, and other conservative wannabees having a Newtular meltdown, or turning into Texas toast, I am inclined to say “Make it so!”

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