Then there are the idiot editorial writers at the Portsmouth Herald….

by Tim Condon

I just love it when we can go after the lamestream media here in New Hampshire…and the Portsmouth Herald certainly qualifies as “lamestream”!

Portsmouth Herald Editorial Board again engages in fiction writing, continues regurgitating inaccurate Democrat and Union Boss talking points
Despite the looming New Hampshire Republican primary, the Portsmouth Herald used its editorial space on the Sunday before the First-In-The-Nation primary to again regurgitate talking points used by Democrats and Union Bosses.  Following up on its discredited editorial from last week, the editors again engaged in unsubstantiated fiction regarding the House of Representatives and Speaker Bill O’Brien.

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  • Steve

    I agree about the gun violence and that O’Brien is not “literally” terrorizing reps…but the whole objectionable material in the classroom thing was not disproved by Concordfactcheck it was simply met with another opinion.  The fact of the matter is that objectionable means a lot of things.  Could a parent remove their child from a classroom and REQUIRE the school and teacher to either curb their lesssons or provide another lesson (probably another teacher to teach it during the same class time, waste of personnel and taxes to do such a thing) for any of the following:
    -A science teacher points out that Pluto is no longer considered a planet even though some in the scientific community think otherwise.
    -That some of the founders of our country were slave owners
    -That columbus “discovered” a populated land mass
    -That scientists are in search of a “god particle”
    -How should 9/11 be taught…was it muslim terrorists, an inside job? 
    A teacher with 20 kids in a class is going to have to run every lesson plan and text book and project past 20 sets of parents (more like 35 sets of parents these days) and chances are that some will find all or some of the lesson plan “objectionable” and the others will  find the fact that the others found it objectionable, objectionable.  Point is, local school boards and communities should be making policy decisions, not concord, and if the needs of the community are not met, new school boards are voted in.  Another STATE law requiring public school teachers to do two or more of everything is not the way republican/conservatives should have handled this, that will only create more school employees and ever increased funding to provide the “alternate” theories to everything.  LOCAL CONTROL, LOCAL CONTROL, LOCAL CONTROL, it doesn’t just apply to the feds, it applies to Concords as well.

  • Anonymous

    Check out my post from August 2, Tim…The Fishwrapper Herald is not that Surprising

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