Remember When The Tea Party Threw Smoke Bombs At the White House?

by Steve MacDonald

From Jonah Goldberg yesterday, over at NRO’s The Corner.

Remember When The Tea Party Threw Smoke Bombs At the White House?  Neither do I.

The Secret Service was responding Tuesday night to an escalating protest that may have involved one or more smoke bombs being thrown over the White House fence.

I know Suckley and the Democrats, even Zandra “Rice Crispy Treats” Hawkins from Granite State progress,  are awfully busy huddled over Maggie ‘The Red’ Hassan’s kitchen table, re-writing the lefts whole “there’s no voter fraud in New Hampshire” narrative, so they might have missed this.   But a movement they have endorsed, participated in, or whose agenda they share, attacked the White house.  Yes, #occupy is tossing smoldering debris on to the White House lawn.  Any comment?

You know, I think this might be racism?  Attacking the home of a black man and his family.  Where’s Bill Mahr, Janeane Garofalo, hell the entire stenographer media, (and the NH Dead People Party) to disavow this uncivil act of racial prejudice?

Wait.  My bad.  They can’t feign outrage because they are probably all too busy holding a moment of silence like the one in honor of the guy who may have shot at the White house.

No.  Democrats are not hypocrites.  Not at all.

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