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Our Contributions at Work: Reports from the Hawkeye Trail

A week or so ago, I invited Grok readers to join me in sponsoring Robert Stacy McCain, AKA TheOtherMcCain, as he put shoe leather to the trail in pursuit of candidates and stories from the build up to the Hawkeye Cauci.

Well, as promised, while most of America was still comatose from too much turkey, ‘Stacy’ was en route before dawn on the 26th, and had soon joined in hot pursuit of Rick Santorum and Steve King as they jointly hunted pheasant, and Santorum quietly hunted an elusive endorsement. Here are a couple of samples from the trail, with links to his blog posts:

Fear and Loathing at BWI… the day begins as Stacy checks Santorum’s schedule and fortifies himself for the day ahead “Drinking a Bloody Mary at 8 o’clock in the morning may seem strange, but this is purely medicinal: Three hours cooped up on a plane isn’t the kind of ordeal I can endure in an unmedicated condition, and tomato juice helps fortify my immune system as I prepare for this grueling expedition onto the campaign trail.”

Greetings from Iowa finds our reporter in hot pursuit “Aaron Rupp is an industrial control systems engineer from Cedar Rapids who sent me an e-mail yesterday wondering if I needed a ride from the airport. By the time I took off this morning from BWI, my plan had already progressed to include a 140-mile drive to Adel – clear on the other side of Des Moines – for a 4 p.m. “media availability” with Rick Santorum. If you’re going to impose on someone, I say, go ahead and really impose.”

Stacy finally catches up with his quarry, only to find that the birds ave been bagged, but the coveted King endorsement has not: Santorum Gets 4 ‘Clean Kills’ in Pheasant Hunt With Steve King; No Endorsement.

And please don’t forget his “shoe leather fund” as there are eight days more reporting from Iowa before the Cauci, and you wouldn’t want to miss the fun.