NRO Goes Establishment, Bashes Newt, Promotes ‘Electability’

by Mike

Today’s headline article, titled AGAINST GINGRICH, is a thinly veiled attempt to steer primary voters toward Romney (with a passing nod to Huntsman and Santorum), and firmly puts NRO, home of the Kraut Hammer, in the camp of the Ruling Class. THEN, NRO sent the article out by email to all subscribers, just to make sure we got the point, and that moved me to write:

Dear NRO Editors,

I understand your reservations about Newt, and believe me, I have plenty, too. BUT:

Newt is taking the fight to the enemy, including the liberal media (be careful we don’t lump you in).

Mitt does not know how to fight Democrats, but is happy to use ugly surrogates like John H Sununu to commit fratricide – something Newt WON’T do.

Ron Paul is 80% right and 20% plain scary. and worth following only because of his potential to pull a Perot and split the vote. Also, not an effective leader, unless he intends for his supporters to be completely boorish.

Huntsman’s just another smarmy Mormon, who rubs New Hampshire-ites the wrong way even worse than Mitt. (It’s not the religion, its the smarm.)

Bachmann’s a good solid conservative with zero executive ability, and no ability to recognize and correct mistakes – see Keith Nahigian.

That leaves Rick Santorum, who may yet surprise us all with a slingshot launch from Iowa, Buddy Roemer, who would be fine if anybody noticed him, and Gary Johnson, who took his toys and went home, threatening 3rd party.

Don’t fall for the establishment line this year – I’d rather go bold than go timid, and we’ve lost every time with timid. Reagan wasn’t timid, W wasn’t timid (wasn’t truly conservative, either), but Dole and McCain were timid on the campaign trail, and lost big. We can’t afford to lose the country by betting small – we have to bet big!

Also, a personal observation for you – Romney is more likely to use sharp elbows on his GOP rivals than on Democrats, because he thinks like them. He turns ugly on a moment’s notice, such as with Brett Baier, and with Rick Perry, and when this potential supporter met him last year and praised his fine personal and business record, then asked if he was ready to renounce MassCare as a mistake in order to win conservative votes. The man got angry, leaned in, practically spat in my eye, and asked “do you know how small a percentage of MA’s budget this plan costs?!?!”.

There is a very good reason why the GOP electorate will not go for Mitt in the primaries, and may be lacking enthusiasm in the general – they JUST DON’T LIKE HIM!

We also don’t appreciate being told by the establishment/ruling class who to vote for. Your rivals at Spectator at least present some semblance of balance, and know what the ruling class is, and why we should defeat it. Et tu, Brute!!

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