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Help Sponsor a Roving Reporter in Iowa for the Caucuses

Robert Stacy McCain, AKA “The Other McCain”, a first class reporter and blogger, is bound for Iowa on Dec 26th, when most of us will be enjoying that post-Christmas vacation day that the Brits call “Boxing Day”. If you enjoy his edgy but factual writing style, and you want the real scoop of what’s going on in the final days before the caucuses, this would be a great time to contribute to his “tip jar”. Blogging can be cheap, unless you have the ‘Grok’s penchant for advanced technology, but real reporting in the field is arduous and expensive, and “Stacy” is a true footsoldier.

Will it be Gingrich because he’s staying positive and (mostly) obeying the 11th commandment? Will it be Ron Paul, who might actually have a grassroots army hiding out there in the cornfields? Will it be Romney because the vote is splt, and he gets in as the sensible but boring default? Do Bachmann or Perry have a prayer, even in evangelical HQ? Can the man who has worked more counties and towns in Iowa than anyone else, and still finds time to visit NH (Santorum) pull an upset and roll on through NH with the momentum? If you’re on the edge of your seat to find out how the ground game is going, don’t miss a single installment, and do put your money where his keyboard is – you’ll enjoy the articles.