A Good Manager? Will Romnito Mittolini Make the Trains Run on Time?

by Mike

Rep Steve King of Iowa was asked to express his preference between Romney and Gingrich, and he made it clear that he considered Gingrich the better candidate to beat Obama, mostly on the grounds that he is man of ideas, and also would be much more likely to succeed in repealing Obamacare (a King priority).
What was striking was the way in which King described Mitt Romney: “[he’s] the better manager”, King said, “If you want someone in charge that you’ll know the trains will run on time, Mitt Romney is the man…” Talk about damning with faint praise!
Well, I’m sure Steve King knows his history, and there was a famous technocrat who became the dictator of Italy, of whom it was said “he made the trains run on time”. That would be Benito Mussolini – is Mr King trying to warn us of something?

H/T Newsmax

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