Real Shoe Leather Reporting: Meet “The Other McCain”

by Mike

Meet Grok Friend Robert Stacy McCain, a real reporter, who hits the campaign and political trail at his own expense, and digs up great stories about the candidates, as well as wading into the thick of things like last night’s “Occupy” protest outside the AFP summit. Groksters Mike and Chris ran into “Stacy” on Thursday night before the event, and were privileged to share some quality time with him each evening. This picture shows his standard operating setup – backpack, PC, external keyboard and mouse for faster typing, and of course any flat surface, which just happened to be in the hotel bar !

He who lives and dies by the pen (or keyboard), also lives and dies by the revenue stream – if you like his writing, don’t forget to hit his “tip jar” so he can keep on hitting the trail and writing the good stuff. The Other McCain


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