Durn, I miss all the fun! BlogCon11 vs Occupy Denver

by Skip

Well, I first got notified that things were afoot from some of my Samsphere blogger buds who were attending the FreedomWorks’s BlogCon11 that some things were afoot – that the Occupy Denver folks had decided that they had the horsepower to go up against what they thought were just some run-of-the-mill paid-by-the-Kochs bloggers – as in "hey, the Old Media seems to have succumbed to their <insert appropriate words here> and these bloggers can’t be better than, say, the NYT, the LAT, or ABC/CBS/NBC and the like, right?  What they didn’t understand is that 1) The Koch Brothers don’t fund FreedomWorks and 2) they were the quintessential 98 LBers going up against SEALs in this war of ideas and political philosophy (or as Stacy McCain called them "the charge of the Intellectual Lightweight Brigade").  I know many of the bloggers there personally – the bloggers were licking their chops (silly Occupiers- these bloggers LIVE on the ‘Net!) at the opportunity. Did you really think that none of the 300 wouldn’t be watching your Twitter feed??  And they started to practice:

Rob and Warner are the rightmost folks – already, practicing "Occupy-eze".  And Maggie reported that they had already bought the Milk Bones for their leader, Shelby!  Heck, even Glen from Instapundit warned them: " There are some sections of the blogosphere I would not advise you to occupy. . . ."

So much for not listening.  They did, however, try to show up early, but as the DaTechGuy notes, the bloggers were ready for them with their own recon squad out:

Sometime around 2:30 or so we noticed by sign and scent some people who looked very “occupyish” and started snapping pictures…One couple didn’t like pictures being taken the women covered her face and they ran in the Elevator, I found it very funny as they pushed button after button without knowing that the elevator needed a key card.

And once they arrived, Stephen Kruiser climbed into his Gandalf alter ego ("You shall not pass") when the Occupiers simply assumed that they would be allowed to go into the conference rooms.

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John from RightWingNews linked to Sunshine State Sarah for the next skirmish:

Backing down?  The bloggers rapidly too over their now old changes of "WE are the 99%" and had new ones, as in "We pay for your student grades" and "We are the 53%" and "Where’s the dog?" / "We want the dog" (see Milk Bones, above).  Yes, the bloggers (the ones with the most cameras and better dressed)  – they were armed to the teeth with all kinds of recording equipment.  You have to admit, to use "Mic Check" to chant "I am John Galt" and to point a Coke can as "Koch money" was cute.  "This is what violence looks like" was a good steal when one of the Occupiers got physically pushy.

"Trespassing is not free speech" – seemingly a concept that none of the Occupiers can understand. As United Liberty shows, not all was that loud:

Another view:

Trespassing – and another one decided that he was going to interrupt Tony Katz during his radio show.  Now, I have not known Tony all that long, but one thing I do know is that he has a wicked sharp tongue – and this was a great chance for him to sharpen it a tad more (H/T: PunditPete):

And another (like I said, these are Conservative bloggers – at a TECH conference!).  I felt pity for that lone Occupier that had been culled from the herd  in this vid that Yid with a Lid linked to :

At the end, the bloggers serenaded the retreat of the Occupiers:

"They suck at protesting"

Even the MSM had to report on this. Kurt Schlichter of Big Govt had a good ending on this (emphasis mine):

After a few minutes of mockery, they decided it was time to go.  However, before they wandered away, the troll-lady made another appearance and threatened Steven Crowder again.  There was a little pushing and shoving and soon they wandered away.  Later, on the way to Tony Katz’s cigar smoker at a local bar, the cabs passed their encampment. It looked like the same kind of Obamavilles that dot the country, except with a couple of signs.

The big lesson of the Battle of BlogCon?  When the Occupiers encounter resistance – real resistance that attacks their cherished premises with mockery and contempt – they will fold.  This is a generation of special snowflakes, of kids instilled with self-esteem instead of a drive to achieve.  No one has ever called them idiots before and treated them accordingly.

And they can’t take it.  They’ve never had to defend their views against people who think they’re stupid.  They simply don’t know how.  The Occupy movement is performance art, not political science.  It is an information operation, not an authentic, organic expression of beliefs.

They have not earned respect and they don’t deserve it.  Don’t “engage” them, don’t “reason” with them, don’t try to “understand” their views.

Mock them.  Treat them like the buffoons they are.  And win.

Because sometimes, they just don’t know when they have lost.  They came back later on that night – LaborUnionReport (via RedState) has the video:

And lost again.

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