Dorothy The Hooker of Oz

by Steve MacDonald

Hoffbrau hooker dorothy

(Posted a few days late thanks to the power outage.)

Halloween has long since become a capitalist commercial cos-play slut-a-thon phenomenon.  As a Free market conservative I have no problem with marketing to a receptive audience, but how do the anti-market socialists feel about this?  The left has been promoting the free-sex-hook-up-culture for decades and here we have an entire holiday (pagan–much to their liking) that makes rich bastards richer by pumping out costumes to make women (young women, and even girls) look like whores.

It’s kids, candy, wild grown up costume parties, and Dorothy the Hooker from Oz.  Makes you wonder what song the boys from the Lollypop Guild might have sung if Dorothy from Kansas showed up dressed like this?

(Hey baby you can drop your house on me anytime.)

Every marketer knows that nothing sells like sex.  (4000 BC or 2011 human nature is still the same) And after sexy nurse, sexy policewoman, sexy cable girl, sexy receptionist, and sexy phrenologist are collecting dust in the been there done that costume bin in the attic, why not try Hoffbrau-whore Dorothy. Talk about plot changes.  "I just need a few minutes with the man behind the curtain."

Sure.  If I was single I’d be more than happy to slip a few…drinks into an attractive woman in the hooker from Oz costume.  Maybe take a walk down the "Yellow Brick Road."  But as the father of a Daughter, and a casual observer of the culture, I am reminded that adults are not the only people wearing these delightful things.  Teenage girls are wearing costumes like this in front of teenage boys.  And some parents are stupid enough to let their daughters out in costumes of this sort.

So maybe we should revisit one of the Golden rules.  (belatedly thanks to a week long power outage.) While every adult should be free to make the choice to dress like a whore, whether it is 4000BC or 2011, no matter how old you are if you dress like a whore, you will be treated like one.

Try not to act surprised when it happens.

Happy Halloween.


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