Budget Cutting – So simple, a Game Show Host can do it!

by Skip

With the collapse of the "SuperDufus Committee", one can only conclude that Congress needs a revamping.  No, I am not throwing in with former Obama flunky Peter Orzag or N.C. Governor Bev Perdue who both say we need less democracy. Rather, it really is working as the Founders designed it to be – messy, disorganized, and slow to act.  In this, I think it is great that the Progressives members of Congress like Patty Murray get stymied from spending even more while it is beyond ironic to watch the senior Senator from MA, Lurch Kerry rail about raising taxes on others, which gives us all on the Right yet another chance to point out his failure to want to pay HIS taxes on his lovely yacht from New Zealand and paying on-going taxes to be paid to the State of Massachusetts by berthing it in Rhode Island.

Anyways, always eager to be helpful, former game show host Chuck Woolery has decided that cutting budget to meet the goals of the failed SuperCommittee was not exactly hard (or long) to do:

(H/T: The Blaze)

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