AFP’s Defending the Dream Summit – Complete Opening Session

by Mike

As our readers know, I was there, and sent back a few thumbnail sketches of the activities and speakers, but now you can watch for yourself on C-Span. Here is the complete opening session on Friday afternoon, featuring Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, John Fund(WSJ), Jonah Goldberg(NRO), Ann McElhinney (Film maker), and of course, Tim Phillips (AFP President).

Noteworthy – John Fund has updated his book "Stealing Elections", originally written in 2004, and will henceforth be updating it annually to better help you fight fraud at the polls. All activists should have a copy, and we’ll try get him on Groktalk again soon.

Here is the whole program, and I’ve identified the start times for each speaker:

00:15:10 Mitt Romney

00:41:25 Jonah Goldberg

00:52:39 Herman Cain

01:13:43 Rudy Giuliani

01:32:42 John Fund

01:44:53 Ann McElhinney

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