Why Ron Paul’s “Supporters” Will Lose the Race for Him

by Mike

This sad picture illustrates very well how the Ron Paul zombie followers simply cannot resist being rude and pushy. No matter whether it is booing other speakers from front and center at CPAC, calling other campaign workers “b!tch” during the hustle to set up signs at Ames, shouting down opposing views and name-calling other candidates (you can’t debate a ‘Paulie’), or placing their signs in front of other candidates’ signs – his people, like their leader are a “crass act”.

Now, before you send the hate mail, I know that there are older, wiser, rational supporters of the “good doctor”, who are on board for legitimate, principled, constitutional reasons, and more power to you. My beef is this: If the doctor has the charisma to whip these youngsters into a frenzy, why doesn’t he have the leadership to encourage them to be polite and to reflect well on his campaign?

Click the picture for a wider view showing just how much space was available for ‘coexistence’ on this corner.

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  • Well, there is not much to be lost by annoying the Santorum supporters. There are only a few dozen of them.

  • Jennifer Hyatt

    I am not saying this is ok, but I can’t tell you how many times I spent a small fortune on campaign materials for Ron Paul only to discover A FEW HOURS LATER that all of it had been stolen.
    Politics is ugly. All of it.
    I think what you are also viewing is a response by Ron Paul supporters to having their one hope marginalized and ignored by the mainstream. Can you imagine working day and night to win a straw poll and you do…you get 47% of the vote, yet, when it is reported, the headline is CAIN COMES IN SECOND…MOVING ON UP! Many people on facebook have put a black bar across their photo to show that aren’t happy with the media treatment.
    No matter what we do as Ron Paul supporters we are laughed at, collectivized, and we are called horrible names in articles …(funny I don’t see any other candidate’s supporters called names…Romtards? Cainbots? No..but those are common endings attached to a Paul supporter.) It was nice of you to say that not everyone is the same, but it seemed more of an afterthought while you lumped us all together and claim that Ron Paul will lose an entire election because some of his supporters acted questionably.
    Not everyone can keep their cool when attacked over and over and over.

  • Mike Rogers

    I understand your frustrations, but the media does its share of ignoring Cain, too.
    I have attempted to discuss other candidates with Ron Paul supporters, and if we meet, I’d be happy to debate the pros and cons with you, but my experience at Ames, at the NH Young Republicans Lobster Bake, and elsewhere, is that you can’t debate ’em – they just want to repeat mantras of their talking points against other candidates.
    You won’t like to hear it, but one of the reasons that Ron Paul’s straw poll results are often ignored is that his team works hard to pad the results with paid supporters. It is normal for observers to remove the Ron Paul vote and recalculate the rest of the field. This report is typical: “…and to say that the Values Voters Summit organizers are skeptical of Paul’s win is an understatement. Tony Perkins twice noted that 600 tickets were bought this morning, and that a great many people left after Paul’s speech.”
    My point in this story is that I personally know a bunch of sincere libertarian Paul supporters, who are with him on principle, and I have also personally encountered the rude and pushy youngesters who do not best represent Dr Paul’s interests.

  • dave brillig

    I like Herman Cain, but hell I like everybody including bullshit artists and less than brilliant people. The man you have endorsed for the Republican nomination is both. Have you seen his appearance on Meet the Press, tap-dancing all around claiming 999 is not a tax increase? And now it’s the 9-0-9 plan? sna-ha ha ha
    I’m not ready to totally reject the idea of those who say he’s a Romney shill. How the hell do you do into a televised gop presidential primary debate telling the world you’ve had your people analyze your 9-9-9 plan when simple math proves it’s caddywhompous?
    To say that Ron Paul himself is a “crass act” is more than despicable. He’s the only Congressman that gets ZERO visits at his office from lobbyists, because they know he can’t be bought.
    Here’s a man who thanks Anderson Cooper for a well organized debate, after he was the only one not given the chance to make a closing statement.
    I’m thinking your disrespect of him stems from something other than overly gung-ho supporters. Your claim that he’s responsible for the politeness of a bunch of liberty minded youngsters anxious to get out of the social security scheme doesn’t ring true. Perhaps you’re one of these idiots who thinks that god needs our help in bringing armageddon to the world as soon as possible, that Israel needs more than our $5 BN per year, F-16’s and 200 nuclear tipped missiles?

  • SOunds like we Paul supporters are really terrible, but keep in mind- everyone else’s supporters team up against us, because we are the most dismissed by the media, and the most enthusiastic on the campaign trail. Basically, we don’t listen to Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin, etc (anymore)- so we are a different type of conservative- I would argue that many of us have thought through our positions to a greater extent.
    I was at CPAC this year, and I would argue that the non-Paul segment of the crowd was antagonistic towards us! All these goofy old people fawning over the Donald? Let’s face it: the average Republican follower is just waiting to be told who to support! I can’t speak for the unruly individuals you cite from across the country, but I guarantee it’s no harder to debate a “Paulie” than it is to enlighten a daily Limbaugh or Levin listener. The neocon talking heads are nowhere near intellectual giants! They are mostly demagogues and fearmongers, who play on their listeners cultural/religious biases like a fiddle. All for the benefit of the state, and the corporate masters who make money from the state.

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