Why Ron Paul’s “Supporters” Will Lose the Race for Him

by Mike

This sad picture illustrates very well how the Ron Paul zombie followers simply cannot resist being rude and pushy. No matter whether it is booing other speakers from front and center at CPAC, calling other campaign workers “b!tch” during the hustle to set up signs at Ames, shouting down opposing views and name-calling other candidates (you can’t debate a ‘Paulie’), or placing their signs in front of other candidates’ signs – his people, like their leader are a “crass act”.

Now, before you send the hate mail, I know that there are older, wiser, rational supporters of the “good doctor”, who are on board for legitimate, principled, constitutional reasons, and more power to you. My beef is this: If the doctor has the charisma to whip these youngsters into a frenzy, why doesn’t he have the leadership to encourage them to be polite and to reflect well on his campaign?

Click the picture for a wider view showing just how much space was available for ‘coexistence’ on this corner.

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