GrokTV Special Interview at the Granite Oath PAC – Union Leader Unionists

Of COURSE other "issue advocates" are going to start showing up at higher profile political events.  In this case, unionists from the Union Leader showed up to make their case why Ovide Lamontagne and Gov. Rick Perry should be confronting their employer to prevent layoffs and pay cuts. 

Gee, when I keep pointing out that the business model for newspapers is crashing, they refuse to acknowledge that technology & the Internet are the disruptive forces that are combining to lessen the demand for their product AND that the lessening demand can be met by using fewer people.

You know, the guy that actually came on camera was genial enough to go on the record (thus, filing this under "Unions" instead of "Union Thuggery").  Yet, I still get the impression that when confronted with the facts (not that I know what the actual books look like at the Union Leader) of being able to do more with less is anathema.  He especially did not agree with my argument that if I wanted to find out the local booking report from the Police that I could find that out on my own and not really needing a newspaper to do that for me.

Like Progressives, the media (and those that work for them) refuse to see that "reporting" can and is being done by citizens – and like what we do here at the ‘Grok is a good case in point.  Sure, there were other cameras there from other organizations – media organizations.  In watching the news last night and this morning, how much of yesterday’s event showed up?  About a 30 second sound bite.  Contrast that with this, this, this, and this.

Plus this…

…post as well. One does not have to go to J-School to report on something.  All one really needs is a basic vocabulary to know what the words who, what, when, why, and how mean, a bit of enthusiasm and motivation to get  up off the couch, and a smattering of technology thrown in.  Look, I’m a computer guy which gives me a bit of a lead in the last item but that doesn’t mean that I’m a great writer that wordsmiths an entertaining tail – an engineer is not always the best writers (that’s why technical writers exist).  But getting up off the couch and having the motivation – yeah, got that in spades to get these videos and interviews.But please – an ordinary schlub can do this – and the media unions have to learn to understand that.