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by Skip

Podcast – week of 10/15/11


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Hour 1      Hour 2

Grokster Mike started off the show, and what else?  We talked Presidential Primary politics, the death of CLASS (Obamacare long term care proven to be insolvent), Iranian terrorist attack FAIL, demographics, Occupy Wall Street really believes it can get rid of a basic human trait: Greed?  Part 1    Part 2 

Buddy Roemer, former LA Congressman and Governor and running to be the Republican nominee for President, came on for to talk about his candidacy and why he went to visit the Occupy Wall Streeters in New York City.  A banker by profession, he agrees with the OWS movement about crony capitalism (by both Big Government & Big Banks) but disagrees with the remedy!   Part 1

Nick Mignanelli, Comm. Director for the UNH College Republicans came on.  We talked about a LOT of things – a very articulate and involved guy (we will have him back!). Yes, student conservatives get beat about the head by Liberal Professors who have taken out their ire with poorer grades and the resulting "lay low" – all in the ONE place that advertises itself as the place for the free flow of ideas.  And yes, the UNH College Republicans are working on  Presidential campaigns, and other issues as well.    Part 1    Part 2 

Closing out the show was Grokster Steve.  He brings up the connection of NH’s own US Senator Jeanne Shaheen to the Occupy Wall Street, political donations, and NH Wind farms development.  We also talk about Jeanne Shaheen’s utter contempt for NH making its own rules and having the Feds directly fund Planned Parenthood. That led to the Health Care Compact!  Part 1

Video recording after the jump

The UStream servers had a hiccup during the show, so we ended up with a bit missing before we could reconnect:

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