Who Is Working America and Why Are They In My Mailbox?

by Steve MacDonald

Did you receive a mailer from a group called Working America Today?  If not, expect it soon.   It is an anti Right To Work flyer, very expensive, complete with mail in cards so you can tell your state legislators what the AFL-CIO and wealthy left wing union bosses think about the legislation. (Do Not throw it out! – I’ll explain, just hang on.)

If it is not obvious, this is not a local effort by any means.  Working America is a union funded front that insists it serves as a resource for non union workers.  What might their policy interests be you ask?  How about Government run Healthcare, Green jobs,  shilling for Public education and Teachers Unions, Blaming corporate America (they call it corporate corruption, unlike union corruption), and fighting against Right to Work

So their goal is making regular workers pay for their left wing agenda and financing the posh union boss lifestyle.

Union Thuggery

 Working America is nothing more than another Union-funded, union-propaganda group with the deep pockets of the AFL-CIO to sustain it.   And they are out to slay Right to work in New Hampshire, to kill the right of workers to not have to finance their agenda or their craven tactics just to get a job; and they are trying to shovel mail cards into the in boxes of your NH House Legislators to scare them off. (Hang on to those cards….we’re going to return the favor)

The Address on the return envelope is 161 Londonderry Turnpike, Hooksett. This is a union office ghetto that includes the office of the AFL-CIO, but the Working America’s official filing address is in Washington DC.  

The AFL-CIO, if you did not know, works side by side with groups like Andy Sterns’ Change to Win, with all the ties to the SEIU, George Soros, Peter Lewis, and even ACORN and its offspring.

So yes, this is more wealthy, out of state union intimidation and influence at it’s best, right here in New Hampshire.  And they don’t really give a damn about jobs, benefits, or wages, unless the unions control it, and can take a piece of it.  Workers don’t have rights unless the union first has the right to take a portion of their wages as tribute for their left wing agenda..

SO what about those cards I was telling you about? Don’t throw away.  The AFL-CIO spent a lot of money sending you that flyer with the postage paid return envelope in it, and they probably spent a lot more money on the pre-paid postage.   It would be a shame–nearly irresponsible–to waste that per-paid envelope.  So maybe you should take a moment to return those cards like they asked?  Maybe let them know what you think?

They are asking for your unsolicited input.  Seems wrong not to provide them with some.


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