“The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” ~Margaret Sanger, founder, Planned Parenthood


How corrupt is a private organization that will literally stop at nothing to get its own way? Such is the case with Planned Parenthood of New England. When PPNNE failed to prevail on the New Hampshire Executive Council, they lobbied other sources. But not private sources that nobody would have a problem with or otherwise object to, They lobbied a bunch of hacks in the Federal government.  

So, the Obama Administration has unilaterally decided to directly fund Planned Parenthood clinics in the Granite state in direct response to the Executive Council’s June vote.  And as expected Planned Parent, thereafter, acting as the proverbial spoiled child sent out their surrogates to demagogue, harass, decry and with all means, shout down the council vote.  Planned Parenthood pressed the council a re-vote on the matter all to no avail.

I have always maintained that Planned Parenthood, aside from being the rank abortionists they are, is…plainly put, a “corrupt organization.” In an August of 2009 essay, I pointed out that Planned Parenthood has been asked multiple times to open its books. They have refused.

I also pointed out that IRS filings indicate revenues upwards of $1.1 billion in 2009, while a third of revenues came at taxpayer expense. Planned Parenthood National President Cecile Richards draws $385,000 salary in both pay and benefits. 

When Planned Parenthood of Northern New England CEO Steve Trombley, with his $250,000 annual salary responded to the council vote,  Trombley implied that PPNNE may cut services as a result.

In a Union Leader report, Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said, “President Obama has proven time and again that he will do whatever it takes to ensure that Planned Parenthood continues to receive taxpayer subsidies, even if that means going around a state’s elected representatives.” Dannenfelser added “Obama is the most pro-abortion President in our country’s history and his allegiance to Planned Parenthood is unwavering.”

So the American taxpayer is validated in the notion that no matter what objection, there is nothing they can do to stop such corrupt organizations from fleecing us of our tax dollars.

Our Executive Council voted on funding of PPNNE, for better or worse. Now comes the Federal Government, having no problem to undermine that local action. This rank abuse of federal power encroachment onto the Granite State is shoving the funding down taxpayer throats. That aspect alone should be unacceptable.


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