Perry’s “Fed Up”: A Teasure Trove of Opposition Research, or Golden Nuggetts for conservatives?

by Mike

Once more, my Yahoo! news page reliably points me to the lunacies of the left (sorry Politico, I know you’re "unbiased", really):

POLITICO: Perry book a treasure trove for foes

Texas Gov. Rick Perry signs copies of his book ‘Fed Up!’
during a stop in Tyler, Texas, on Nov. 12, 2010. | AP Photo

My opinion?

Actually, Perry’s best approach is to embrace the book, and offer specific proposals for fixing the problems.
The 16th amendment did make the states into wholly owned subsidiaries of the Federal government. If the FairTax ever comes into being, it will be predicated upon repealing the 16th.
The 17th amendment does convert our government from a republic into a democracy, with the added bonus for the ruling elites that control of the senate can be had by spending big on about ten senate races every two years.
Social security is a Ponzi scheme and has strayed far from the idea initially sold by FDR (although not so far from his slippery intentions).
The Commerce Department should be reduced to dealing with foreign trade and enforcing free trade between states – all other functions should be eliminated.
The health care law is such a monstrosity of micromanagement and special favors that rationing of care and something which walks and quacks like a death panel is indeed a consequence of the law.
Swing voters may not be exercised over art subsidies, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and a whole lot of other stuff, but he’s right about them.

Remember the last time a weak and useless Democrat president lost to a cowboy in a landslide? "Bold colors, no pale pastels!" – said REAGAN.
The milquetoasts in the GOP establishment, just like the Democrats, are scared to death of a candidate who speaks his mind, but the people prefer someone unafraid to speak the truth.That is why Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann have appeal to the public but scare the "ruling class".

Remember what the real boss of the right says: "Conservatism works every time its tried"!
Thankyou, El Rushbo, thankyou Rick Perry, thankyou Herman Cain for being unafraid to tell it like it is.

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