Introducing The Morgan Freeman Rule

by Steve MacDonald

Morgan FreemanMr. Freeman is not the first but the most recent left winger to publicly declare their partisan ignorance on the matter of racism and the TEA party.  It is a shame really.  I like Mr. Freeman’s work.  And while I will continue to appreciate his other contributions to the culture, this most recent addition may prove to be one of his greatest.  For he has provided us with another name for the lefts poisonous and ignorant rhetoric on race, and a new template with which to apply it.

If objecting to  Mr. Obama’s lack of leadership, poor policy choices, and a destructive economic agenda is considered racist, then the "Morgan Freeman Rule" identifies as racist, anyone who speaks in opposition to the job performance of someone who is black.

It also exemplifies a narrowness of left leaning minds that requires them to assume objections must be based on the color of skin and not the character or choices of the man beneath it.

So having been handed this template I am more than willing to apply it to the real world with an equality no leftist ever would.

The entire staff at ESPN are racists.


Day in, day out, week after week, these "haters" rile endlessly against the job performance of hundreds, perhaps thousands of black athletes.  Obama is but one man, so unflattering comments on the job performance of even one black athlete must make you a racist.

Hollywood is full of racists.  Statistically, black actors are almost always denied awards when running up against white actors.  Is it 99% of the time or is it higher?  And which awards committee or voting members are innocent of this charge? Media and entertainment critics are also guilty for taking issue with performances, direction, and the success or failure of films with black people in them, working on them, funding them or directing them.  Since it is inappropriate to remark on the job performance of people of color, all past, current, and future observations of this nature  fall under the Morgan Freeman rule, and should be called out as what they are.  Institutional Racism.

The mStuttering Messiah Blog - Michelle Obama usic industry?  Television?  Print media?  All racists.

And worst of all, Democrats are racist.  Just ask Justice Clarence Thomas, candidate Herman Cain,  Dr. Walter Williams, Starr Parker, Congressman Allen West, and many other Americans who happen to be black and or conservative or Republican.   This leftist hate is ignored by the left’s race and gender pimps, the Democrat party that foments it, and the stenographers in the media who hide it.

Mr. Freeman’s problem, as with all Democrat, liberal, or left leaning types, is that they are themselves filled with prejudice.  It blinds them to their own hypocrisy, as they continually lie to themselves and blame others, with little care for the contradictions before them.  They ignore right wing support of blacks freely pillory black Americans who believe differential than they, all in favor of the left wing narrative.

I guess that makes them hypocrites, bullies, and racists.  


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