Rich Man Poor Man

by Steve MacDonald

If you are on the verge of being defined as low income in American, or maybe you are at or below the “poverty line,”, you have a good deal to be thankful for.  For example,you probably live in a larger home than most Europeans.  There are appliances, televisions, maybe a car or two out front.  In fact, you have things every American had just a few years before you.

To illustrate this reality, Bill Whittle explains how the rich are not the only ones getting richer.  Despite all the lefts wind bag rhetoric, the "poor" in America continue to have an improved standard of living, begging the question, what exactly does it mean to be poor in America?

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  • Wow…what is a fitting comment after that??? That whole line about, “One tax-paying American supporting one who doesn’t pay any taxes…standing next to each other in the check-out line at Best Buy…” BAMMM! That line should hit people like a 5-ton brick. Huge….just huge…

    But you know, a liberal will argue with that all day long, no matter how wrong the liberal is…its that kind of moral corruption that makes liberals so intolerable.

  • Mark Nadzan

    Something to ponder – The more you pay to government, the more they want to take from you. The more you receive from government, the more they want to give you. Let that sink in for awhile.

  • Steve

    The closing line was nice. Human nature being what it is though, American’s will have to be truly exceptional not to fall for this trap just like the rest of the so called free nations have.

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