Reverend Jackboot!?

by Steve MacDonald

UCCThe left always considers any comment by clergy, in the secular affairs of state, an affront to imagined Constitutional separations unless the remarks support their positions.  Such is the case with the Reverend Gary M. Schulte of the United Church of Christ (UCC).  With a fusion of left wing talking points and liturgical flair, he leapt the imagined Jeffersonian separation of State and Church, to express his objection to the budget passed by the New Hampshire House.

If taxpayers do not pony up to the government, in the form of a larger state budget, people will suffer.  The old, the weak, the children….But we’ve no idea just how much of your money Reverend Gary will need you to give to the Government to end the suffering, nor can we ever.  Distress always expands to meet the supply of publicly funded services available to reduce it. We just need more even though no amount is ever enough; just look at the failed states of California, Michigan and New York whose pursuit of social justice with taxpayer dollars has made them so bankrupt that they no longer have the money to care for much of anything at all.

But the UCC does not seem interested in that risk.  They are just another myopic Christian/Marxist fusion church that seems willing to advocate state power to achieve warm and fuzzy ends.  It is Social Justice, which is essentially communism.  And communism, being a godless secular faith all its own, has no issue with polluting and then subjugating institutions like the UCC to achieve its ends, even converting or subverting their purposes to advance the growth of statism.  They started with the language, which UCC has embraced, then moved on to policy, which they now advocate. And now we have Reverend Gary, who is probably a great guy who means well, rent seeking for the left wing agenda, with the full power and faith of the UCC behind him, asking politicians to spend more money on government, as if government is the answer.

But if you saw the UCC web site, you’d not be at all surprised.

The UCC peddles left wing advocacy as Christian morality.  They are a prominent member of the National Council of Churches (NCC), which used to (inconveniently) be a Communist front group, the Federal Council of Churches; inconvenient because they share a similar "social agenda" with the socialists and communists, and use the same language and tactics to advance very similar statist goals.

So Reverend Gary and his like minded social justice brethren  just want to make socialist-wealth redistribution look pious, and as long as their invocations advocate the manifold of left wing agenda items, progressive talking points, socialist dogma and philosophy, and act on the left-wing ideological agenda as part of their "ministry," Kathy Sullivan will not have to worry about bleeding out her eyes with rage over some Church meddling in temporal affairs.

And as touching and heartfelt as the Reverend’s editorial may seem, rather than encouraging the people to give of themselves to relieve mankind’s ills, through gifts to institutions far more well equipped, it seems he’d rather the government do it with the power of temporal law and bigger budgets, and if you object–the guns of government.  An odd tack for a group that insists on the right to conscientiously object to war.

Hardly much faith in mankind there, and far too much faith in a leviathan government run by the same men and women they seem unwilling to trust to give freely; but not surprising coming from a left leaning Reverend who probably has tax exempt status.  I can’t say for certain but raising your taxes probably wont cost him as much as it will cost you.  But it’s all in the name of Justice.

Some UCC Issues

Environmental Justice (Global warming alarmists)

Reproductive Justice (Killing unborn babies)

Worker Justice (Pro Public Union) 

Health Care Justice (Wrong on so many levels..)

Conscientious Objection (No, just to war–nothing else)

Faithfully facing dying (Government sanctioned suicide)

Worker Justice (pro-union, pro socialist worker) 

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  • Mike Rogers

    And for a good counter-argument, please check out:
    Freedom Nationally, Virtue Locally…. Or Socialism

  • judy

    Hmmm…I attended a UCC church about 20 years ago bc my cousin-in-law was a Pastor of a UCC church. He was an arrogant, male chauvanist pig! I never went back partly because I noticed many wives who would flinch when their husband’s spoke to or approached them. They had no respect for women and this idiot was mad as hell when he attended our church since women were allowed to not only speak but participate in the service. He used to come to some of our house meetings and I literally had to sit on my hands to keep from getting up and slapping him. So, does any of this surprise me? Nope!

  • You’ve hit the nail right on the head…The UCC churches are little more than the faux religious wing of liberal progressive/leftist people, seeking to affirm some ideal that they too are “religious” IN those parking lots on Sundays, thats where you see the the bumper stickers declaring that, “Jesus was a Socialist”

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