Let’s Ask Ray And Kathy

by Steve MacDonald

I have a question for Ray Buckley, current chairman of the New Hampshire Democrat party and Kathy Sullivan, former chairman of same. Is this voter intimidation or not?

If any of you other democrats want to chime in, please do but I think your State party leadership should take a stand seeing as the Obama DOJ just found the Obama DOJ innocent of wrongdoing in it’s own dismissal of the voter intimidation case it had already won. Becasue DOJ will not prosecute this kind of behavior as voter fraud, I’d like to know if Ray or kathy would tolerate this from say…TEA party folks?


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  • OK, this just looks like where I went to High School. Except no students getting thrown out through a closed window. (yeah. I know. that’s why I moved to NH.But don’t get me started on gummint schools.)
    Is it a polling place? Are those authentic Jack boots?
    Dang. I’m sorry. I’m commenting and I’m not a Dem. but, some reference or more info would help. I come to this vid fresh. It is UNgracious. I’ll give you that. And, like I said, glad I am not there.

  • mer

    It was a polling place in Philadelphia if I’m remembering correctly. Yes, it was on election day a few years ago when the current occupant of the White House was running. Google for New Black Panther voter intimidation should give you more background than you’d want.

  • Steve

    My apologies. I assumed everyone was familiar. Yes, it is Philadelphia, November 2008. These Black Panthers are scaring away anyone who is not voting for Obama. They are wearing military garb and wielding clubs. DOJ had them on voter intimidation but the Obama DOJ let them go.

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