The Bill Binnie Network?

by Steve MacDonald

TVWord has it that Bill Binnie has considered buying WNDS to use as the flagship studio for what would be called the New Hampshire 1 Network.

This is interesting.  It could be the NH equivalent of NECN but with a RINO virus–which would, honestly, be a step in the right direction.  Or maybe we could expect something more?

Whatever the purpose or format, and I have no idea what it might be, New Hampshire could use some more In-state television and news sources.  Mr. Binnie has the resources, and what better time than right before a presidential cycle to ramp up a major media presence.

I can’t imagine how many people in the political and media circus in-state are salivating at the chance to be part of another local television network.

And it may even give the democrats something else to bitch about if the news content is decidedly not to their liking.  That wont be a bad thing.

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