Don’t Say There Is No Place To Cut.

Privatize the public school system and shift the educators, staff, maintenance, and transportation and facility costs off the books, along with converting public benefits and pensions into the same kind of programs the rest of the private markets have, and you would see property tax rates plummet.

Towns would be unshackled from the responsibility of dealing with it.

And what better reason than this?  The Town of Merrimack’s School operating budget is over 64 million, which works out to over $15,000.00 dollars per student per year.

You can send kids to college for that.

Are we suggesting that the Merrimack School district is delivering university level education to it’s K-12 enrollment?

I think we need to ask ourselves what $15,000.00 per student is buying the town and if we can continue to insist that it is in the public interest to invest that much money given the results.