Picture Of The Day 1-25-2011

by Steve MacDonald


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  • mer

    It’s 44 Magnum, the most powerful spellcasting wand in the world. So you have to ask yourself, “Do I feel lucky today?” Well, do you, punk?

  • Steve


  • Nancy

    Thank you for showing the world how low the republicans in NH are…. what exactly is this supposed to mean?? that this is your contribution to tonight’s State of the Union speech? Aren’t you lucky we have free speech in our wonderful country.. at least we have it until you STOP free speech.. if you are only concerned about gun rights then your shallow minds will never prevail over decency and honest discourse… look it up in the dictionary.

  • Steve

    Nancy- It has nothing to do with anything. It is just an amusing picture. It is a play on words connecting a classic character of the past to one in the present. It has no political purpose whatsoever. But apparently you do not think outside this box. What a pity.

  • Nancy

    Sorry Steve,
    To run this today is a commentary from the gun yahoos of NH. I’m waiting for someone on the site to change the name from Dirty Harry to Dirty Barry… that’s the unfortunate response this picture prompts. If you hate half the world, that’s fine.. we don’t care if you own guns but we have the right to not own or bear arms either. If men today need a gun to feel like a man then the older generation has failed miserably in raising men of today. Soon we will be like Iraq and Afghanistan where hating your neighbor because of their policitcal association or religion is accepted and violence is condoned. Decency has to start somewhere and as a life long resident (born at Portsmouth Naval Hospital)I find it disgusting that out of staters have moved here and turned the conversation to hate without any tolerance. Where are the “men” of NH??? They once stood for decency now they hate over politics.. and remember, the Constituion of the USA contains more than the Second Amendment.

  • Steve

    Still stuck in the box then? That’s fine. Just keep sharing. Wait. Tell me about my trouble childhood next, you know, where I developed this need for guns to demonstrate my masculinity. I’m not sure I remember how that happened but you seem to have it all worked out.

  • Nancy

    Nope, you’ve got it all wrong but that’s the type of response.. get defensive. I’m not allowed a different opinion? In this country of “free speech”? In all my decades on this earth, in this wonderful country, we did not have to display our guns to be adults… why the extremism now? If you want a gun, fine. Buy a gun, carry a gun but don’t be so boorish about it. Some of us don’t need steel and bullets to make us complete. Again, where are the REAL men in our state not teaching manliness without a weapon??? just asking!

  • Steve

    So let me see if I have this right. (I’ve boiled it down a bit for brevity.)

    You told me what I meant when I posted a picture.

    When I suggested it meant nothing of the sort, you told me again what I meant, and then what other people would think it means.

    I then point out that you still think you know what I mean, and actually tell you to keep sharing anyway, so you then accuse me of not allowing your difference of opinion, which I have just encouraged?

  • mer

    “Dirty Harry to Dirty Barry”? Seriously, you seem to be the only one to make that leap. Seems to me that you are projecting a bit.
    As for the owning or not owning of firearms, that is absolutely your right to not own one. But the converse is also true. I have a right to own one for whatever reason I want; I think protecting my wife is a pretty damn important reason. Don’t even start with the “Police are there to protect you”: No they are not. In the entire time that I’ve lived in my home, I’ve seen the Merrimack cops around maybe a dozen times at the most. Their response time to me would be on the order of at least 5 minutes. Someone breaking in to do me or my wife harm (please search for Mt Veron), 10 feet away with a knife or gun, I’m supposed to wait 5 minutes? No thanks, a 45 ACP at nominal 830fps will resolve the situation in at most 1 second.
    Displaying of guns: seems to me that if one looks at magazines and advertising that was popular say before about 1965 or so, guns were around as a part of life, not something that was “evil”.
    For the record, my owning firearms does not make me any more or less of a man in my wife’s eyes. Your opinion means less to me than what I pick up after my dog in the yard.
    Hate? The only thing I hate is stupidity.

  • Tim

    I’ve got to admit, I’ve been looking for something to hate lately. Besides socialists—who in the 20th Century murdered more human beings than all the statists in all of history prior to that time—I figure stupidity is a good candidate. Unless of course Nancy and the political correctness, thought-control police prohibit it. Boy. Can’t even hate stupidity these days without running afoul of those who eagerly seek political power to control the thoughts of others. Is that stupid, or what? :——–)

  • I laughed when I saw that picture…and heartily, I might add…
    Shallow minds? low? Gun Yahoos? You know, I’ve followed the pattern of dialog here (caterwauling, to be more precise) Nancy’s post was instructive…Never a more polished collection of invectives against gun owners that could ever come from a bitter, liberal minded woman…than in those “thar” posts, Steve.
    Steve…imagine the horror if she goes over to facebook and looks at my profile? My profile pic would giver her lots to talk about when she goes on Oprah.
    These guns….these amalgams of crafted and assembled steel parts that will lie motionless and rusty on a table when undisturbed. There is greater risk in visiting the Doctor, Driving a car or crossing Elm Street in Manchester than that of guns.
    I am otherwise grateful for Nancy’s comments…for its her view point that keep me from needing to insert another nickel into the Nonsense meter. Late Poet Dame Edith Sitwell once quipped, “Many people now reading and writing would be better employed keeping rabbits…” I cannot say I disagree.
    Nancy….you’ll get over it with time, medication and counseling.

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