Pic-O-The Day Redux (WTF?)

WTF.jpgInspired by this mornings Picture of the Day the NH Tenth Amendment Center’s Dan Kanna, one of our on air guests from last Saturday, took to the digital palette and crafted a new and improved version for us.

We here at the Grok encourage this kind of synergy, and are pleased to post it for your viewing enjoyment.

For those who missed it, WTF is Obama’s ‘Win The Future’ presented in acronym format, thanks to Former Governor Sarah Palin, combined with the Sputnik moment, using a creative hammer and sickle ‘question mark’ to bring it all together.

We would like to thank americanglob.com for the original background, myself for the addition of Sputnik, and once more to Dan for making it all work in a way that tells it like it really is.  WTF?


Steve on GAL

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