Pam Manney For NH GOP Assistant Secretary

by Steve MacDonald

Pamela ManneyI would like to give a personal endorsement for Assistant Secretary for the New Hampshire Republican Party to Pamela Manney.  Ive known Pam for several years now, and worked along side her as an activist.  She has a level of commitment and dedication to the party and the platform that make her an exceptional asset.

Pam is a two term state rep, a town committee chair, and the current corresponding secretary for the Hillsborough County GOP committee.  I’ve been at sign waves with Pam, debated policy on line and in person, worked to with her to help get principled conservatives elected all over the state, and even spoken at her town committee meeting.  I can think of no one I know more qualified for the position.

So please take a moment this Saturday, January 22nd to cast a vote for Pamela Manney for Assistant Secretary.

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