Inside Baseball

by Steve MacDonald

My new congressman’s name popped up on my Google Alerts for a discussion at Red State about congressional committee appointments.  Erik Erikson was calling all conservatives to contact their GOP House reps to complain about the choice for Chairman of the Appropriations committee..

But the fight is not over. Today the House GOP must ratify the leadership’s decisions and we can still get Jack Kingston into the Chairman’s chair. Go to our action center and fight to stop this. Call your Republican Congressman this morning. Tell him to support Jack Kingston as Appropriations Chairman.

Several people tried to contact Frank Guinta’s office but had a problem with the info RedState had available.  And as I understand it there is no one to contact yet except the volunteer transition team.

Congressman elect Guinta is hiring his DC and NH staff so everything is in place on day one, just like all the other Freshman, so I’m not about to call him to ask this.

Does anyone know the process for congressional chairmanships?  Erik has indicated above that the House GOP needs to ratify leadership’s decisions but I was not aware of that condition.  It was my understanding that anyone who is not on the steering committee did not get a voice on chairmanships and appointments but maybe that’s wrong.

If any of our happy readers has more details about this process please share them.



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