by Steve MacDonald

Harry Reid is a clueless ass.

As evidence, Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air shares with us Senator Jeff Sessions revelation that despite the events of early November, Mr. Reid has submitted his badly written DREAM act aka-amnesty bill, on four seperate occassions in recent months.  Ed brings the point home so well I’ll not even try to do better. (As if I even could)

Democrats haven’t had time to deal with the tax hikes scheduled for the end of the year, nor have they put together a budget for the current fiscal year — but they’ve had enough time to submit four different versions of the DREAM Act in the last ten weeks.  That speaks volumes about the perverse priorities of the Democrats in Congress, and to their refusal to listen to the people who elected them — and to those who sent some of their number into early retirement.  After spending all year angering the electorate by passing massive bills without bothering to read or publish them before a vote, all while the economy stagnated, they want to end their majority control in the exact same manner.

Check out the link and the video with it.

Now the House was rumored to be voting on this over the holiday weekend.  I took most of that time off from politics with a few exceptions, so I have no idea if that is true, or if it happened, but this no longer matters.  Mitch McConnell announced today that the Senate Republicans have 42 confirmed votes to block everything and anything until the impending Obama Tax hikes have been resolved and this government has a 10 month operating budget passed.

That makes this not just a lame duck congress, it is a dead duck congress.  That means Reid’s DREAM dies with it.

(And their was much rejoicing)

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