The Three Amigo’s

by Steve MacDonald

In an email posted to the entire Republican caucus, team player Gene Chandler invited everyone to a luncheon to meet the Republican candidates for speaker of the House.  Gene announced that he would be there, along with John Reagan, Susan Emerson….and…..that’s it.

So three of the four candidates have arranged a lunch (those three seem to do everything together now) at 11:30 the day of the vote for speaker–which happens at 1pm–to do a meet and greet, and have purposefully excluded William O’Brien.

I wonder if the progressives are catering the event and filled out the invites?  The democrats would not have invited Bill O’Brien either.

I mean, wasn’t it Dean Barker at Boo Hoo Hampshire who said, if he had to have any of them, he’d prefer Gene?

Ringing endorsement from an ultra liberal democrat.

I say eat Gene’s free lunch and then vote for the guy who was not even invited to the event.  The one the democrats do not want to be speaker.  William O’Brien.





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  • Gary A. Gahan

    This is exactly what we were hoping to avoid with this most recent election,however, it appears that it is “business as usual” again in Concord however with the “Republicans” (with tongue in cheek) now “in charge”… bet is that IF this is the way that things are to be run in Concord for the nest two years we will most assuredly be then handing back over the house, senate, and governors council to the ultra left leaning socialist agenda Democrats! And most likely this will bring the “Divine One” Barak Obama himself back into office to further shove more socialist agendas down our throats. I honestly thought that the Great Live Free or Die Granite State was well above this kind of behavior! Have we had too many liberal socialist leaning Democrats and RINO
    move into our state to slowly but surely take it over? I certainly hope not and that perhaps the freshmen house representatives for NH will have more common sense to not play into this type of gamesmanship.

  • I was hoping that the great Granite Live Free or Die State would not be succumbing to this kind of back room tactics in politics when we had an apparent “Republican” (tongue in cheek) sweep this
    past November 2nd, however, it appears very much like what was
    happening the prior two plus years with the “Dark Side” in control
    of the state……all the more reason perhaps for the true Tea Party to rise up and become a reality and wake up call for not only NH but for our country…..apparently people have not been taking this Tea Party very seriously. In speaking with several of
    the newly elected local Merrimack house representatives they are already not enamored with how this venue is shaping up for deciding on whom the speaker of the NH house will be and have found in the process of vetting out the various candidates for this position including Gene Chandler that there is a lot of “dirty politics” as usual already going on in Concord….hopefully our group of newbies to both the house, senate, and governors council will begin to bring honesty and integrity back into NH politics.

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